By Zak Vescera

Even on day one, campaign week brings new life— and new questions— to a weary mid-midterm campus.

As the clock struck noon in this writer’s Macroeconomics class, students began typing furiously with a speed that the Solow Model can’t inspire. Campaign week, mentioned solely in whispers and long BDE emails, erupted with a frenzied coordination. Lists finally emerged from cocoons of rumours and theory, furiously showing their campaign videos to anyone who wanted to listen (and a few who didn’t). Croissants and snacks filled the courtyard, and everywhere campaigners decked out in specially-made sweaters, shirts, and Power Ranger costumes emerged. At Sciences Po, where students breathe debate and politics and exhale a vague odour of last night’s vodka-kebab combo, Campaign Week is not so much an election as it is a social and cultural event, and even the first day raises as many questions as it answers. 

The Lists:

Lists, by their very nature, elevate an election from a one-on-one match to a team sport, requiring intense coordination and teamwork to bring a campaign to fruition. Still, this year’s lists are not the ones we’ve grown accustomed to. Whereas all three list presidents are currently French, this year’s presidential candidates are the German Mathieu Opperman (BDE “PowerREIMSgers”), the Gambian-German Lukas Drammeh (BDE, “Fresh PReims of Bel-Air), the Turkish Deniz Mekik (BDA, InsomniArt), the Canadian Sally Falk (BDA, Art’E Diem), and Stanislas Pincon (AS, ASpire), who is French New Caledonian.

The mixed backgrounds only add to the diversity already seen in the election. While SuperREIMSgers and the Fresh Preims of Bel-Air are united in their desperate attempts to make a pun work, they differ greatly in their campaign approaches. Fresh Preims of Bel-Air has a nightlife plan will challenge even the most dedicated partier, with 5 club nights planned over a mere week, including a collaboration with Neoma– all centered around free admission and a goal of greater campus integration, reflected with their decision to create a new “Integration” pole. Meanwhile, PowerREIMSgers has opted for a mix of events, with a club night collaboration with ASpire mixed with a series of brasserie nights, a fair, a photo booth, and a collaboration with Cafe Oma, reflecting a stated desire to cater to the needs of Sciences Pistes, whether they be a Vogue regular or a hardcore academic.

For the BDA, day one saw the quirky, Anderson-inspired Art’E Diem bringing bright colours and energy against against InsomniArt, a list whose posters and nothing-off-limits style fall somewhere between a propaganda poster and Pop Art. Between the former’s adorable video, the latter’s more serious expose, and mutual plans for jam sessions, Easter egg hunts, and concerts, the BDA campaign looks like a clash of critics and creators in the making.

In the AS, ASpire runs unopposed, (well, unless you count the joke list that has submitted a picture of Carlo’s face as a candidate) but still plans to prove its mettle on campus. With a series of challenges of strength and wit (the voting for which is happening on its Facebook page) as well as co-hosting with its peers in the BDE and the BDA races, Aspire is looking to do more than simply take the win, a plan that already reflects a commitment to competition we’d expect from a Sports list.

Social Life:

As mentioned before, Campaign week is just as social as it is political. With so many events happening, the Sundial has done its best to try and collect the events of this week’s campaign frenzy into a single document, organized by time of events beginning.

ASpire: Challenges

Saturday, March 19th:

InsomniArt: Jamming session at the Chalet
PowerREIMSgers/ASpire: Brasserie/Beer Pong at St. Maurice, Club Night at Le Projet
Fresh Preims of Bel-Air: Club night at the Lux

Sunday, March 20th: 

PowerREIMSgers: Brunch Against Humanity at Parc St. Remi
Fresh Preims of Bel-Air/Art’E Diem: Eastergration at Parc Des Essillard
InsomniArt: Enlightenment Salon at Alcoloc

Monday, March 21st:

InsomniArt: Campus Spirit Day
Art’E Diem: Origami Takeover on Campus
Fresh Preims of Bel-Air: Photobooth
PowerREIMSgers: Fair Day on Campus
PowerREIMSgers/InsomniArt: Brasserie Week Kickoff at St. Maurice, “Chill Night”
InsomniArt: Home Concerts

Tuesday, March 22nd:

PowerREIMSgers: Board Games

Art’E Diem: Live Concert on Campus

Fresh Preims of Bel-Air: Musical Chair [sic]
PowerREIMSgers: St. Maurice
InsomniArt: Insomniart Night, workshops and more (Location not provided on website)

Wednesday, March 23rd:

InsomniArt: Pajama Day
Art’E Diem: Flash Mob on Campus
Fresh Preims of Bel-Air: Social Games
PowerREIMSgers: Reggaeton Night at La Bodega
Art’E Diem: Slam Night at St. Maurice
InsomniArt: Home Concerts
Fresh Preims of Bel-Air: Club Night at the Atrium

Thursday, March 24th:

Art’E Diem: Easter Egg Hunt
PowerREIMSgers: Photo Booth/Raffle on Campus
PowerREIMSgers: Never Tired
Art’E Diem: Night of Arts at Cafe Des Artistes
InsomniArt: Open Mic at Oma
PowerREIMSgers: Crepe Night at St. Maurice
InsomniArt: Home Concerts
Fresh Preims of Bel-Air: Club Night at the Vogue

Friday, March 25th:

PowerREIMSgers: *Secret Event*

PowerREIMSgers: Oma on Campus
Art’E Diem: Free Photos at Lunch
Fresh Preims of Bel-Air: Champagne Hunt
PowerREIMSgers: Easter Egg Hunt
InsomniArt: Home Concerts
Fresh Preims of Bel-Air: Club Night at Projet Club

Saturday, March 26th:

Art’E Diem: Brunch at Cafe Des Artistes

InsomniArt: Musical Pre-Jog
InsomniArt: Home Concerts
InsomniArt: Tarboyo Bar Night
Joint List: Club Night at the Lux

Sunday, March 27th:

InsomniArt: Home Concerts
ASpire/InsomniArt: Basketball Fest

Monday, March 28th:
Art’E Diem/InsomniArt: Brunch at Cafe Des Artistes

A Brief Word:

We asked each list, simply, what they were about; here’s what they told us:

In alphabetical order;

*We did not recieve comment from Sally

Lukas Drammeh– Fresh PReims of Bel-Air: After having spent seven months on campus, a recurring concern that has been brought to our attention has been the lack of interaction between Eurams and Eurafs; as well as the lack of opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with our city. We are offering a diverse array of events for students who like to party: 5 different club nights in 4 different venues, at free or very reduced costs; including one with Neoma, and a champagne bar night near campus, with a non-alcoholic cocktail menu. Our daylife events, be it Eastergration in the park, photobooth day, or a champagne hunt on campus, will be an opportunity to relax and have fun, in particular for those who may feel left out by bar nights and other drinking events. We hope to have an event for everyone- from the wildest party animals to those who just like to chill. Whatever kind of person you are, we’re sure that you can find something to love with our events! 

Mathieu Opperman– PowerREIMSgers: I would say that the main message we, as a list, want to deliver is proximity and unifying the campus. We want to be at everyone’s side for them to have fun: whether it is on campus or not, whether they want to chill and stay sober or get hyped in the club. Our campaign will therefore focus a lot on new daylife activities on campus and beyond. We think that a lot of nightlife events are isolating because they are too expensive and many people just don’t like clubs. Our campaign tries to balance all this out in what we believe is the best possible line-up of events.

Deniz Mekik– InsomniArt: The mission of our list is to make art accessible to everyone, those who are new artists as well as those who are already artistically present on campus, this obviously will be achieved by making artistic facilities available to all as well as encouraging people to join artistically oriented events and share their views. Our idea is to make no bullshit, RAW art, without the constraints of what is accepted as artsy or perceived as such because art is essentially a major form of expression and those who want to express themselves on campus through art shouldn’t have to be constrained by what is accepted by their peers as acceptable or “correct”.

Sally Falk- Art’E Diem:

Stanislas Pincon– ASpire: So in few words, as the future sportive association our first priority for the next year is to really democratize sports on and off campus. This means that we will make playing sports more accessible to all students regardless of their level and center of interest. We are one of the main associations, so it is our responsibility to represent all the student of the campus, practicing sport or not. A fun and adapted-to-all practice of sports is possible and we have many project to do so.  
However, we’re not forgetting the role of every sports association, which is to enable a practice of intense and high-level sports. I won’t get into all the details of our projects, but I invite and encourage all students to read our program, to have a better idea of what will be the missions of their future devoted association.
In this way, the campaign’s goal will really be to show this idea of “democratization of sport” through events accessible to everyone on campus. A collaboration with all other list has also been previously established, and this is an opportunity for us to affirm the place that the AS deserves: one of the 3 Bureaux.


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