Bras, Smoke Machines, and Democracy

By Alissa Kruidenier

Last night, SciencesPistes gathered in a time-honored democratic tradition to assess the party-throwing skills exhibited by the two contending BDE lists. For many, the suspense leading up to Saturday was one fraught with decisions; with a twenty-seven minute walk between the “PowerReimsgers” Superhero night and the luxurious night by the “Fresh PReims of Bel-Air,” only the most dedicated would be able to attend both. Torn between a free coat check and the promise that some of the SuperReimsgers exec squad would show up in bras, students were forced early on to make a choice. Luckily, a dedicated team took up the challenge of going to both club nights to bring you a quick and wholesome coverage of the events that transpired.

        The “PReims” club night was a smashing success; lured by the free shot, coat check, and promise of understanding what exactly drove them to choose their campaign name, students flocked to the club in droves – by midnight it was fully packed, undeniably one of the biggest dance parties of the year. On our way out, the proposed president of the PReims, Lukas Drammeh, even offered to call us a cab to make sure we got to the next club night safely. While it was declined, the promise of discounted cab rides for every student was another highly appreciated and winning strategy for the PReims to bolster their campaign promise of making sure everyone “gets home safe.”

        Twenty-seven minute walk aside, it was worth it to see the patriotic superhero costumes of the Power-Reimsgers list. The comparatively chiller atmosphere of their Superhero Night was nonetheless raucous in its own way; after all, nothing says dedication to your campaign like dancing to club music in a Power Ranger suit. The Reimsgers were also passing out free condoms randomly on the dance floor, which doubtlessly served as a useful reminder for some and charming souvenir for many. The exec squad also offered to take dress code suggestions before the night, resulting in both Logan Underwood and Mathieu Oppermann sporting lingerie under their campaign shirts.  Overall, here’s a quick cumulative statistical breakdown:

 Number of times “Ceiling Can’t Hold Us” was played: 2

Number of times we were asked if we were having fun: about 257

 Number of photos taken of me: 3 

Number of photos I untagged myself from: 3

Number of hookups: The limit did not exist

Number of times my savior, Nathan Canadas, found my bankcard: 1

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