AS List: ASvengers


Maria Gillin, president of the ASvengers List, interviewed by Emma Jeangeorge

What did you think of this Campaign week? How is it going? What events have you attended?

This Campaign Week was intense, but also very rewarding. It was an opportunity for us to meet people we didn’t know before on campus, and people not from Sciences Po. Sharing the campaign week with the other members of the list made us become closer and more coordinated, that’s why we would be an efficient team if we are elected for next year! Even if this week is very instructive, it’s also very tiring. Our amount of sleep is really reduced. If I had to mention one negative point in this campaign week, I would refer to the obligation of staying connected on the social networks nonstop. We spend hours behind our screens, not allowing us to enjoy the campaign as much as we would like to. But even if the students are in Week 12 and overwhelmed by assignments, our events are still very successful. We had, for instance, seventy people come to the barbecue we organized last weekend ! Our night on Saturday and the Just Dance event were also quite successful. Jogging sessions were also organized through the week, and even though it didn’t appeal to everyone, a lot of people are receptive and come quite regularly!

Why should we vote for Asvengers ?

You should vote for us because we are sporty, dynamic, motivated and representative of the campus. Representativeness is one of our biggest strengths, as we represent the diversity of the campus. We’ve got three international students, and five students from the Euraf program. We’re also representative of the variety of sports, as we all practice different sports, on the campus or outside. Another important point is that we are a list consisting of Baby AS people. We are experienced, as we’ve participated in organizing the WEIC, which is positive for the Minicrit: we want to make it legendary!

If you were to be elected, what would be your main objectives and missions next year?

We would like Sciences Po students to have better access to sport. We want international students to participate more in sport activities by giving them all the important information as soon as school starts. We really want to improve communication to students, as we also want them to do sport outside of campus, by informing them on the existing clubs in Reims. Our mission would be to give this information as soon as possible, preferably before IPs, for students to organize their schedule. Our goal is also to establish stronger relationships with team captains so that we know their needs and their claims. Lastly, we would like to allow the Eurafs to be more integrated as today they don’t always have a team for some of the sports proposed on campus.

Why do you think you are best suited for this position?

I get along with the whole list and during the campaign, I developed closer connections with the people of the list. I think I’m able to delegate them the proper missions. I’ve been member of the AS this year, and I loved it. I’ve participated in the organization of numerous events, the WEIC being one of them. I’ve learned to deal with the organization of big-scale event, which will be useful for organizing the Minicrit next year. Also, I’m passionate about sports. I’m a member of the rugby team, and the volleyball team. I therefore understand how the needs of each sport team differ, and I can use that experience to ensure a better cohesion within and between sport teams.

What’s your experience with this domain?

As said previously, I’ve always been committed in sport, and I’ve been member of the AS. I’ve gained experience from this campaign week, I’ve learned a lot concerning teamwork and event organization. 

If you were a famous athlete, who would you be and why?

I would be Zarzeski, the rugby player. He has been my role model since childhood. Even though he’s now old, he’s still got stamina and he’s still one of the best players for me. He has always inspired me a lot.

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